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Official Teaser

"Mother and Father discuss the upcoming Ozma Conferences."

Episode One: Old Friends

"After five years of radio silence, Percy reunites with her childhood friend, however this reunion brings rather unusual news."

Episode Two: The PRET Program

"With an old friend in tow, Percy discovers the secrets of The PRET Program."

Episode Three: Take Off

"Charles Reed attempts to prep Percy and Quinn for what may await them aboard the Ozma, but the clock is ticking and time is short before take off."

Episode Four: The Welcome Mat

"Percy and Quinn have made it safely aboard the Ozma, but their adventure is just getting started."

Episode Five: Day One

"Safely sanitized and suited up, Percy and Quinn are met with their first tests: fooling the other rulers and surviving day one."

Episode Six: The Talent Show

"The rest of the rulers arrive including the famous Viza, creator of the Ozma Conferences. Percy and Quinn are faced with their first test to prove Earth's independence, but will all go off without a hitch?"

Episode Seven: Meeting the Fans

"After their performance, Percy and Quinn are left to meet with the other, more experienced rulers. How will these "leaders of Earth" maneuver their questions? And will these rulers be so easily fooled?"

Episode Eight: Marital Mess

"Percy has found herself a new wife-to-be but isn't quite ready to walk down the aisle. Can she manage to cut ties with Mieli before they tie the knot?"

Episode Nine: Repairs

"After her mishap with Mieli, Percy decides to lie low and avoid the rest of the rulers When trying to find a place to come up with a way to fix her mistake, Percy stumbles across another working on repairs."

Episode Ten: An A.I.'s Guide to Alien Networking

"With a fresh, new alliance in hand, Percy and A.I. set off on a mission to work on improving Percy's image and combat the gossip of a possibly angry ex. But is everyone on the Ozma ready to forget Percy's mistakes?"

Episode Eleven: Earth 101

"With some help from Knihak, Percy is ready to tackle the next step in maintaining Earth's independence, but will her presentation go off without a hitch?"

Episode Twelve: Percy and Quinn and the Case of the Eff-ed Up PowerPoint

"After her most recent failure, Percy is convinced that someone is out to bring them harm. Now she and Quinn must put their heads together to try to solve this most recent mystery. But discovering the who and the why may prove more difficult than originally planned."

Episode Thirteen: Standing on Red Alert

"The secret is out. Now it is up to A.I. to choose to help Percy and Quinn cover their tracks and find out who's after them or to surrender to their code and turn these imposters in to the Council."

Episode Fourteen: Dinner and a Show

"While Quinn and A.I. investigate, Percy gets ready to enjoy a peaceful meal with the rest of the rulers. After all, what could go wrong at dinner?"

Episode Fifteen: The Academy

"Quinn tells the story of what happened to her during those five years away from Percy and about her time at the Academy."

Episode Sixteen: A Helping Hand

"After hearing about the horrors of the Academy, Percy takes a step away from Quinn to find time to process, but she's not the only one in need of a helping hand."

Episode Seventeen: The Final Defense of Earth

"As the week of the Ozma Conferences draws to a close, the potential threat of invasion looms closer, but the Conferences aren't over yet and Percy is able to present her final defense of Earth."

Episode Eighteen: Earth's Fate

"The Ozma Conferences draw to a close and the status of the new rulers' planets is finally revealed. Has Percy managed to sway the Council? Or is Earth doomed to be invaded?"

Episode Nineteen: Going Home

"Trapped in the Ozma prison cells with Earth set to be invaded in two days time, Percy and Quinn are going to need some help if they ever want to go home."

Episode Twenty: Finale

"It all ends here."

Sterling Rae / Voice Actor, Writer, Podcaster / All rights reserved
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