Allison Dauphine

Voice of Percy (she/her)

Allison is a voice actor currently located in Texas. She is attending school as a Marketing Major and also works as a Social Media Manager and Dance teacher. She hopes to either continue her career in voiceovers or enter the industry of Entertainment another way. She is beyond grateful for the opportunities and people she has found in the podcasting community.  You can reach her at or check out her Twitter (@dauphinedolphin) or Instagram (@allisondolphin).

Rowan Sparra

Voice of Quinn (they/them)

Rowan is a voice actor with a passion for good storytelling. Project Ozma is their first voice acting credit and they will have an upcoming role in the next season of Dining in the Void. In their free time, Rowan enjoys watching anime and snuggling with their wife and dog and, of course, listening to podcasts. You can follow Rowan on Twitter @RowanSparra.

Cedric Reeve

Voice of Charles Reed (he/him)

Cedric is a voice actor based in Washington State. When not acting, Cedric can be found playing D&D, his favorite video games, or a board game from his collection. Check him out on Twitter @reevecedric.

Adam Blanford

Voice of Max King (he/him)

Adam Blanford played Max King in Project Ozma. He is also known as Edgar Allan Poe in HG Wells Has His Regrets, the Voice of Gonsanto in The Insomnia Project, and for various roles in Seminar. He can be heard as Johnno in the upcoming Y2Kpod and as Lord Robert St. Simon in I Am Lost Without My Boswell. He is also an audio engineer for The Insomnia Project and wrote shorts like "You Always Hurt The Ones You Love" for Seminar as well as "An All Hallows' Encounter" for the X Why podcast.

Benny James

Composer and Voice of A.I. (she/he/they)

Benny James is the Head Composer for the Goose Thunder Network as well as an independent musician, writer, and filmmaker. You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr @BennyisConfused.

Gwendolyn Robertson

Voice of Knihak (she/her)

Gwen Robertson (Actorus Aspirus) is a featherless bipedal ape descendent born in New York and raised in California. Gwen's career has consisted of many works of pretending to be someone you're not in front of a crowd of people (which onlookers would call "acting" and certain therapists may call "a complex") from the works of Shakespeare in Two Gentlemen of Verona and Romeo & Juliet, to modern stage adaptations such as EMMA a Pop Musical and Peter and the Star Catcher. Gwen's also been known to use her vocal muscles to make the word sounds into a microphone. Recently she was featured as the role of Knihak in the incredible award-nominated audio drama Project Ozma... cough cough. Whether on stage or in her room Gwen's enjoyment of the craft is unimpeachable, unlike certain presidents of former British territories. You can reach Gwen at or follow her on Instagram (@gwenr.jpg).

Greg Froese

Voice of Taunik (he/him)

Greg is a 28 year old Canadian born and raised in Vancouver Canada. His aspirations to be a voice actor began when he was a young teenager watching cartoons on TV and series on the Internet and flash videos on places like Newgrounds. He enjoys telling jokes and is a trained musician, often entertaining his coworkers and family with puns and impressions. His friends would describe him as "weird, but with a good heart." You can find Greg on Twitter @Gfroesey.

Ari Delyne

Voice of Kamui (they/them)

Ari has been involved in podcasting since 2017, first beginning with voice acting and then expanding into audio editing in early 2018. They are an avid enthusiast of both the sciences and the arts, and (because they're indecisive and have way too many interests) are currently pursuing studies in both biology and theatre while making a name for themselves as the local campus gremlin. Other hobbies include writing, plant keeping, DnD, singing, and fastidiously researching whatever their most recent fascinations are. In addition to playing Kamui in Project Ozma, they are involved in several other shows, including Dining in the Void, as Aveline Lion; Eyeris as Maisy Anders; and Mythos the Series as Eridium Suul. You can check them out on Tumblr @aeyriabird.

Allen Winter

Voice of Himeo (he/him)

Growing up loving Cartoons and Anime he's happy to be voice acting like those shows he watched. Selected Credits: God Complex(Cain/Thanatos/Achilles), My Time at Portia (Higgins), Encodya (Chef Hayao), Infinite Adventures (Mordianas), World War Blue (Nobi/Additional Voices) and Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Legends (Male Staffer Member "Kenichi"/Additional Voices). You can follow Allen on Twitter @AWinterwonder or on Facebook @AllenWinterVO.

Jade Virginia

Voice of Viza (she/her)

Jade Virginia has voice acted, written, and lent her creative hand in the podcasting community. While also working on projects like Project Ozma, she also is the creator of the LEARN podcast as well as a co-host in I Guess We'll Find Out When We Die and her supporting role as Scoop in the Lavender Ladies. Jade Virginia also helped found and create the Goose Thunder Podcasting Network in order to create a fun and productive environment for fellow podcasters. Currently she is writing a musical and is happy to see Project Ozma flourish! You can follow her on Twitter (@yourjv), Tumblr (, and Instagram (@yourjadevirginia).

Arizona Jonson

Voice of Ovus (she/her)

Arizona writes podcasts and music out of Seattle, Washington. She currently voices Elise in Interference and Tala in Dining in the Void. Other voice acting credits include The Glass Appeal, Got Your Goat! (SVA thesis film), and Violet Beach. Arizona is set to play Private Cardish in Season 2 of The Pilgrimage Saga and the eponymous character in A June Bug's Ballad. Check her out on Twitter @arizonajonson.

Philomena Sherwood

Voice of Nadul (she/her)

Philomena is a 21 year old English Literature student from Ontario, Canada. When she isn't voice acting, she can be found knitting, running around in local provincial parks, and spending too much money on campus tea.


Voice of Lui (she/her)

Ailanii is an aspiring voice over talent with a passion for story-making, drawing, and gaming. She has lent out her voice in a couple fandubs for Fire Emblem and Pokemon: Myths of Unova! Ailanii is also a twitch affiliate so it is safe to say that she is screaming into her mic all the time. You can find her on Twitter @helloailani.

Jason Gemenetzis

Voice of Ampoll (he/him)

Jason Gemenetzis is an introverted lover of barbie movies, dnd and the podcasting world. He can be found co-hosting Shrimp On It or reading about video game lore.


Voice of Tilare (she/her)

Celine is a voice actor from the Midwest. Her favorite food is french fries. When she is not eating french fries, she is throwing axes, playing video games, and learning new fun skills.

Emma Mary Currans

Voice of Mieli (she/her)

Emma is an actor and writer from England, and has recently been involved in a few different audio dramas. When not yelling into a microphone, she can be found on the stage or working on her second novel. You can follow Emma on Twitter @OnceUponAToday.

Sarah McManus

Voice of Duri (she/her)

Sarah is a British voice actress and writer. You can find her on her website

Theodora Alysa

Writer and Voice of Tixa (they/them)

Theo has been a part of the voice acting world since February 2017, and podcasting when LEARN first took off. They got their first writing job there and was very enthralled with the world of storytelling from that moment on. They have since gone on to produce, write, voice, and take up audio editing for their own production, The Lavender Ladies. Theo is a producer for the Goose Thunder Podcasting Network. They have branched out to the podcasting world of talk shows and now also hosts the show 'I Guess We'll Find Out When We Die.' Theo enjoys learning new things, writing, and can be found knitting and bird watching when not participating in the daily grind. You can email them at or find them on Twitter @crazybirdlade

Dylan Shane

Voice of Garti (he/him)

Dylan has been doing voice acting for a few years now and is happy to continue that with Project Ozma. He uses voice acting and podcasting as a creative outlet after spending normal work hours as an engineer. When not voicing aliens or mobsters, he can be found staring at Twitter, playing video games, or attending an NHL game--sometimes all three at once. You can follow Dylan on Twitter @dshane28.

Chandler Harrison

Voice of Wylde (she/her)

Chandler Harrison is a classicist by schooling, an ESL teacher by trade, and a voice actor by...hobby! When not stressing over work or her future, she is usually listening to/singing music in any language, or drawing. You can reach Chandler by email or check her out on Twitter (@squickicka) or on Instagram (@squickyart).

Morgan Carpenter

Voice of the Automated Voice and Soldier (she/her)

Morgan is only an occasional voice actor, and engages sporadically in other creative pursuits with the attention span of a flea. Despite the size of her role, she greatly enjoyed being a part of the Ozma team, and is glad to have been involved in any way. She is interested in comics, a handful of anime, various podcasts, and has developed a deep-rooted obsession for the game Warframe. You can reach Morgan by emailing, adding her on Discord at NeoSpaceRanger#6202, or by reaching out to her on Tumblr @traveller_in_spacetime.

Kelsi Erratic

Voice of the Automated Voice (she/her)

Kelsi is super excited to be a part of the Project Ozma cast! When not voice acting, she can be found knitting.


Voice of Serving Bot (she/her)

Em considers herself to be an extremely amateur voice actor, and is so incredibly grateful to have been cast in such a wonderful podcast like Project Ozma. You can also find her as Clio on the Ophelia Yang Podcast, and she is currently involved with some projects that are yet to be released. You can follow Em on Tumblr @cinnamonrollwithit.

Zoe Kansas

Voice of Serving Bot (she/her)

Zoe is so thrilled to join the Project Ozma team. When not voice acting, you can find her writing or drawing.

Sterling Rae

Creator and Writer (she/they)

Sterling Rae (formerly known as Molly Rae) is a Midwest-based voice actor and writer. You can read more about her in the About.

Ylva Axelsson

Writer (she/her)

Ylva is an avid fan of podcasts and is thrilled to be a part of the writing team to create one!


Sound Editor (she/her)

Outside of working on Project Ozma, you can find Hannah lending her sound editing skills to other podcasts, such as LEARN, The Lavender Ladies, and The Queer Review.


Sound Editor (she/he/they)

Sonny has loved helping work on Project Ozma! You can also check out Sonny's own podcast; Ophelia Yang!

Cole Burkhardt

Sound Editor (they/them)

Cole Burkhardt currently resides in Washington D.C and has tried everything from streaming tabletop games on Twitch to spelunking deep underground. They are the Creator and Co-Producer of the Piece of Cake Podcasting Network, a network devoted to helping people of color within the podcasting industry. They have voiced and produced a variety of podcasts, such as Unplaced and Counterbalance. When they're not working, Cole is traveling to conventions across the East Coast, discussing gender and sexuality in video games, tabletop games, podcasts and most other forms of media. You can check them out on Twitter @kingcoleminer.

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